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Currently only open for take-out

on Saturday from 10-2

Additional Health

Additional Health and Safety measures are in place to ensure the safety of our staff and customers whilst visiting:

Following Government Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment

Increased  Cleaning

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

To provide a safe and comfortable customer experience in line with Government Guidelines, Strive Café has made significant changes:

Extended Customer Seating Areas

Updated Opening Hours

Pre-Booking Tables 

Updated Menu

New Customer Experience
New Café Layout

Major changes have been made to the layout of our café to ensure that social distancing can be maintained and whilst maintaining our café's ambience:

Changes to the Cafe Layout

Social Distanced Seating 

Outdoor Seating

Ordering Arrangements

We  are working hard to make a visit to the cafe an enjoyable, comfortable and safe experience for our customers and staff. In line with government guidelines we have put the following in place so that we can all practise safe socialising.....

Can I book a table?

  • Yes. Please ring 01424 834266 to make a booking.

  • We encourage booking so that we can find the most appropriate table for you.

What happens when I arrive?

  • Please enter the cafe wearing a face covering unless you are exempt.

  • Your group may have to wait a few minutes if we are busy as there is only space for a few people in the entrance area.

  • cPlease use the sanitiser at the door as you enter the cafe.

  • Sign in using the QR code with the NHS app if you have one on your device.

  • Unless all members of your group have signed in with the QR code one person from your group should write down their contact details to support track and trace.

  • You will be shown straight to your table (easier to do quickly if you have booked) and we encourage everyone to sit down quickly being aware of other people around you.

  • Once seated at your table you can remove your face covering, but please put it on when you move around the cafe.

How do I order?

  • Menus are at the table.

  • We request that only one person at a time comes to the counter to order and pay. 

What social distancing measures are in place?

  • Our tables are spread across 3 rooms and a courtyard with plenty of distance between tables, and chairs back to back where practical.

  • The cafe is well ventilated throughout.

  • We have placed an additional table next to your seating area. This enables staff to always keep at least a metre from you, for example when delivering food to the table. 

  • Your table will be cleared after you have left.

  • There are signs to help everyone apply appropriate distancing at all times. 

Do staff wear masks?

  • Yes. Staff wear masks or visor-style face masks to reduce the risk of contamination by breath.

Can I sit at a table with friends I need to keep a distance from?

  • Yes. We have some larger tables where up to 3 people can enjoy a meal or coffee socially distanced from their table companions.

  • We recommend you make a booking and make this clear.

  • Alternatively, most of our food is available for take-out with pre-ordering facilities.

What is the largest group size?

  • In line with government guidelines, the maximum number of people in a group is 6.

What measures are you taking to reduce the risk through contact?

  • Hand sanitising stations are placed throughout the cafe and we request customers      sanitise on entry and exit to the cafe.

  • Additional cleaning using anti-bac is taking place, particularly of items that are touched     by people, for example door handles.

  • Tables and menus are thoroughly wiped down with anti-bac between sittings. 

  • Your cutlery and condiments are supplied to you on an individual basis.

  • Staff are consistently cleaning their hands.

How do I pay?

  • We're encouraging card and contactless payments.

  • The contactless limit has increased to £45.


How are my contact details managed?

  • In line with new guidelines, your contact details will be collected, held securely for 21 days and then destroyed.

  • Customers are encourage to use the NHS app and use the QR code displayed for scanning.

  • If an outbreak is linked to the cafe we would report the matter to Public Health England    and follow their protocol for track and trace. This may involve contacting you. 

Is your toilet open?

  • Yes. The toilet is open and cleaned very regularly by staff.  

  • Anti-bac and wipes are available.

What food is available?

  • We have slightly simplified and altered our menu to make food preparation easier and involve less handling of equipment. For example we have the same range of delicious    home-made cakes, but they are in cup-cake form to ease the serving process.

  • As food is freshly made to order we will do our best to accommodate requests. Please see  the menu page for details.

What happens if I am sitting outside and it rains?

  • If there is space in the cafe you can be accommodated inside.

  • If not we have umbrellas you can borrow.

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