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Strive Café is a community cafe in Bexhill-on-Sea providing paid employment to individuals  with learning difficulties

Support Us

Strive Cafe is a not-for-profit social enterprise company with a charitable purpose.

Customer support and donations enable us to provide more

paid employment opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities.

Thank you to organisations and individuals who have helped with set-up costs.

If you would like to make a donation, click on the Donate button.



The mission of Strive is to enhance the lives of individuals with disability through purposeful paid employment in a café that promotes ability and a quality good value customer experience.


We believe that young adults with learning difficulties deserve the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and lead fulfilling lives.


Our café wants to be part of the national focus on opportunities for the disabled and accelerate the availability of paid employment for individuals with additional needs and challenges.

Alongside fostering positive values towards disability, Strive offers a first-rate customer café experience.


The employees with learning difficulties have appropriate qualifications and work experience. The staff are at the heart of everything, with the café designed to meet their individual needs whilst providing excellent customer service.

A café provides meaningful and varied opportunities to showcase the ability of learning difficulty staff. They are involved in all operational matters (supported by the manager as necessary) and are encouraged to focus on their strengths and interests.

Offering a fulfilling work environment promotes emotional well-being and increased independence. Support by managers and experts enables the staff to break down barriers, excel in their strengths and interests and achieve their maximum potential.

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